Real Food Revival Plan: How to eat well, get fit and lose weight - on the delicious diet you design! (Paperback)

Real Food Revival Plan: How to eat well, get fit and lose weight - on the delicious diet you design! By Brian Cormack Carr Cover Image

Real Food Revival Plan: How to eat well, get fit and lose weight - on the delicious diet you design! (Paperback)


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Want to lose weight? Nonplussed about nutrition? Unsure of how to exercise?


Say farewell to fad dieting with Real Food Revival Plan. This groundbreaking book presents a revolutionary new approach to good food and physical fitness - one in which you become the author of your own path to a lifetime of better eating and improved wellbeing. Now you can create a personally-tailored nutrition and exercise plan that will help you shed pounds, drop inches, and build better health - all while feeling well-fed and well-nourished on a diet of delicious real food.


-Design your own ideal diet based around your favourite tastes
-Replace processed and fattening junk with real, fresh, delicious meals
-Fill yourself up without making yourself fat
-Cook and eat healthily - whether you're an omnivore, vegetarian or vegan
-Enjoy guilt-free treats and snacks
-Get fit - with surprisingly little effort, and no matter how out-of-shape you are now

It's time to opt out of the obesity epidemic forever. With Real Food Revival Plan, you can fight back against the forces that have conspired to keep you fat, including junk foods, diet fads, peer pressure, bad science, biased food gurus, faulty fitness advice, and your own unconscious bad habits. Packed with sound, science-based advice, delicious recipes, and highly effective exercise suggestions, Real Food Revival Plan offers safe, easy and effective strategies for making positive lifestyle changes. Get ready to take charge of your weight, your fitness and your health - once and for all


-More than 60 Real Food Recipes with options for vegetarians and vegans, advice on stocking your kitchen and pantry, and top tips for finding healthy choices when eating out
-Illustrated information on building The Four Elements of Fitness
-A Weekly Tracker for plotting the path to your food and fitness goals
-Inspiring guidance on how to finally get (and stay) motivated


"Millions of people in the developed world have lost their way when it comes to nutrition, led astray by the Big Food, Big Diet, and Big Drug industries. If you are one of those who has forgotten, or never learned how to eat, Brian Cormack Carr's Real Food Revival Plan just may be your roadmap back to a diet of real, whole, living food and to vibrant health."
- Nancy Deville - author of Death by Supermarket and Healthy, Sexy, Happy: A Thrilling Journey to the Ultimate You

"Brian Cormack Carr is my culinary spiritual successor. He has grasped the concept of truly delicious food that nourishes and delights, without causing myriad health problems. And I learned something: smoked garlic powder - who knew Thank you Brian "
- Sue Kreitzman - bestselling author of Slim Cuisine, The Nutrition Cookbook and Cooking for Health

"This book is a breath of fresh air in a veritable morass of books on the subject. Where others preach, this book teaches. Where others espouse a diet regime, this book explains how each of us needs to match our individual needs to a diet that works for us. It is broken down into courses and morsels of easily digestible information. This is a book too for people who enjoy their food and who are interested in how it is sourced and best consumed. It is a book to be savoured and a gastronomic recipe for those who want a successful relationship with what they eat."
- Tom Evans - author of Mindful Timeful Kindful and Flavours of Thought: Recipes for Fresh Thinking
BRIAN CORMACK CARR is a personal performance coach who specializes in helping creative and socially-conscious people get past their blocks so they can find fulfilling ways to share their gifts with the world. He is the author of Real Food Revival Plan and the bestselling career guide How To Find Your Vital Vocation and is chief executive of BVSC The Centre for Voluntary Action, a leading local charity which supports community groups and volunteers to make positive changes in society.
Product Details ISBN: 9780957663435
ISBN-10: 0957663439
Publisher: Albus Press
Publication Date: April 29th, 2016
Pages: 338
Language: English