The 5-Minute Facial Workout: 30 Exercises for a Naturally Beautiful Face (Paperback)

The 5-Minute Facial Workout: 30 Exercises for a Naturally Beautiful Face By Catherine Pez Cover Image

The 5-Minute Facial Workout: 30 Exercises for a Naturally Beautiful Face (Paperback)


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Combat the effects of aging in just 5 minutes a day by choosing from 30 fun and easy exercises targeted to your individual face shape.

Did you know that the structure of your face is made up of more than 50 muscles, and that their fitness, to a large degree, determines its appearance? Just as we can exercise and tone our body's muscles, we can do the same with our facial muscles. This can ultimately make a marked difference in our appearance and can potentially eliminate the need for invasive plastic surgery.

Too much sun, smoking, degradation of collagen layers and poor skin care all contribute to sagging facial muscles. Facial gymnastics, if done on a regular basis, can treat a variety of concerns, from "empty"-looking cheekbones, jowls and relaxed eyelids to wrinkles and impaired elasticity. Imagine a facial gym that uses only the muscles of your face. No special equipment or location is required -- just some diligence and perseverance.

Your smile alone works more than 25 facial muscles. So smile The small but important risorius muscle is found in the corner of your mouth: if it's well stimulated, it can correct a drooping mouth. It also stimulates the muscles mid-face, inflating your cheeks. And nothing gives a fresher and younger look than well-accentuated cheekbones. Whether your face is oval, square, round, long or diamond shaped, The 5-Minute Facial Workout presents tips and information adapted to your shape to help you maintain your features as you strengthen muscle tone. And we've added a new section that helps you to customize your exercises to match your face type.

Each page features clear instructions, with a photograph to demonstrate the movement, so the exercises are straightforward and easy to do.

Catherine Pez, an ardent believer in natural beauty, has taught her facial gymnastics method for several years. She is convinced that muscles have a significant role in the architecture of the body as well as the face. She has successfully developed a method to exercise facial muscles and maintain the tone of the entire face. Her book explains that the muscles underneath the skin of the face have a real effect on its firmness. Catherine regularly gives presentations and workshops as well as thalassotherapy skin sessions. She lives in Paris, France.
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