The Digestive and Urinary Systems (Building Blocks of Life Science 1/Soft Cover #3) (Paperback)

This graphic nonfiction book introduces the digestive and urinary systems of the human body. The Building Blocks of Life Science volumes feature whimsical characters to guide young readers through topics exploring the human body systems. Full-page or full-spread diagrams detail the different parts of each body system. The science is as sound as the presentation is fun The volumes include a glossary, an additional resource list, and an index. Several spreads in each volume are illustrated with photographs to help clarify concepts and facts.
Product Details ISBN: 9780716678700
ISBN-10: 0716678705
Publisher: World Book, Inc.
Publication Date: June 1st, 2016
Pages: 34
Language: English
Series: Building Blocks of Life Science 1/Soft Cover