You Are Psychic!: The Free Soul Method (Paperback)

You Are Psychic!: The Free Soul Method By Pete A. Sanders, Jr. Cover Image

You Are Psychic!: The Free Soul Method (Paperback)


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Use a scientifically proven method to harness your inborn psychic abilities and achieve breakthroughs in everyday life!

Everyone has occasional psychic experiences, but few people realize that it is possible to access ESP on command. Using his extensive study of biomedical chemistry and brain science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Pete A. Sanders, Jr., has developed a method to show how we can tap into our psychic abilities at will to expand our knowledge and gain control of our destiny.

By sharing the techniques that he and his instructors have taught to more than half a million people, You Are Psychic! offers a program of simple exercises to teach you how to:

* Experience nine senses, instead of only five.
* Locate the body's four Psychic Reception Areas and find out whether you are strongest in psychic vision, hearing, intuition, or feeling.
* Tap your extrasensory awareness whenever you wish.
* Use your psychic abilities to improve your professional success, your relationships, and your creativity, and to heal your body.
* Apply your sharpened perceptual powers to solve complex problems and handle difficult people.
Pete A. Sanders, Jr., graduated with honors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His principal studies were in biomedical chemistry and brain science. In 1980 he founded Free Soul, a fully certified and registered nonprofit public-education program. Its 200 instructors worldwide have taught more than 500,000 individuals how to tap into their inborn sensory powers. Sanders himself has presented hundreds of lectures and workshops. He and his family live in Sedona, Arizona.
Product Details ISBN: 9780684857046
ISBN-10: 0684857049
Publisher: Atria Books
Publication Date: April 27th, 1999
Pages: 288
Language: English
Meditation You Are Psychic! towers like a basketball player in a jockey convention over most of the how-to psychic guides.

Edward E. Winchester President, Pentagon Meditation Club In this brilliant work Pete Sanders clearly and skillfully charts a safe course for adventurous souls to explore new frontiers of human potential in their inner quest for personal and spiritual growth.