Greedy Little Eyes (Paperback)

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Greedy Little Eyes (Paperback)


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In Greedy Little Eyes, award-winning writer Billie Livingston explores the universal craving for connection, both emotional and physical.

A young misfit is assaulted by a delusional homeless man and subsequently finds herself caught in the middle of two bullying cops who invite her to hit back; an impulsive and restless mother hungers for independence but wants company along the way; a middle-aged man who yearns for a life off the grid rejects his family and heads into the woods with a young bohemian while he slowly loses his mind; a journalist questions her scruples and complicity after she is invited to visit a friend in New York who is in the midst of an affair with a married man.

Fiercely independent, yet struggling to fit in, isolated but exploding with love and longing, Livingston's characters whisper and roar as they wrestle with the notion of "normal."
BILLIE LIVINGSTON is a Canadian novelist, short story writer, essayist, and poet. She is the author of the critically acclaimed novels Going Down Swinging, Cease to Blush, and One Good Hustle, which was longlisted for the Giller Prize, nominated for the Canadian Library Association's Young Adult Book Award, and named a best book of the year by The Globe and Mail. She is also the author of Greedy Little Eyes, a short story collection that won the Danuta Gleed Literary Award and the CBC's Bookie Award; The Crooked Heart of Mercy, a novel; and The Chick at the Back of the Church, a poetry collection for which Livinston won the Pat Lowther award. Her short story, "Sitting on the Edge of Marlene," has been adapted as a feature film. In 2017, Livingston received the Writers' Trust Engel/Findley Award "in recognition of a remarkable body of work, and in anticipation of future contributions to Canadian literature."
Product Details ISBN: 9780679313243
Publisher: Vintage Canada
Publication Date: June 1st, 2010
Pages: 256
Language: English
“Dark, funny, graceful, witty: Billie Livingston's voice has an intense intimacy that evokes trust, almost confession . . . it only takes a few sentences' worth of the first story in Billie Livingston's collection, Greedy Little Eyes, to trigger that wonderful feeling that comes when you know you're about to have a really cool reading experience. This collection is like a tray of treats that you can have one at a time, or gobble up all at once.”                      
—The Globe and Mail

“Billie Livingston’s first collection of short fiction exhibits her trademark snappy wit while delving into the sadder aspects of life. . . . Livingston gets to the heart of human need, with all its confusion and messiness and she does so with  textured emotion and blistering prose.” (starred review)  
—Quill and Quire

“The stories are often dark and disturbing, but Livingston's sardonic wit sparks moments of grace and hope amid the dark.”  
Vancouver Sun
“This is smart writing in more than one sense: sharp, slick and hard-edged. It shows characters caught up in the maelstrom of modern urban life. . . . The prose dazzles. . . . The stories are vivid. They captivate with their suggestion that life easily spins out of control.”
—Winnipeg Free Press

“The true geography of these stories lies in the tortuous pathways of the heart. Their adventures rouse our pity and fear — the classic formula of literary effectiveness."
—National Post

“Reading—any kind of reading—wakes up your mind to the equal and opposite extent that TV puts it to sleep. And that’s especially true when what you’re reading is as eloquent and insightful as Livingston’s work." 
—The Georgia Straight
“It's a page-turning, heart-wrenching dynamic. . . . Livingston depicts not only the excitement, but the danger too, of exhibitionism. There's something about the voyeur that any book-lover can sympathize with. And Livingston's characters definitely strike a chord throughout, because, as one of Livingston's characters conclude:  ‘People crave witnesses . . . we crave the eyes of others to know we are not alone.’"
—Saint John Telegraph-Journal
“Ideal Summer Read: The characters in this collection of short stories are a disparate bunch who have in common a dark sense of humour and dysfunctional family histories. Livingston's style makes the reader seem like a voyeur to the significant moments in their lives, a fly on the wall.”  
—The Tyee
Greedy Little Eyes is an anthology of masterful character studies about the permutations of the abnormal — in the sense that all of us are a little off our beams. Livingston’s characters are gems of dysfunction, unassumedly flying their freak flags at full mast, but ultimately undone by their prosaic surroundings.”  
—The Westender
“The collection is made up of beautifully crafted stories that briefly delve into various lives, exploring the ambiguity, disarray, and occasional solace of familial relationships while skillfully revealing the nuances and subtleties of human mind and emotion. The violence is often contrasted with unexpectedly poetic lines: the gruesome and the beautiful dance a fine line, honestly presenting the stunning and affecting qualities that exist in both."
“Livingston’s made a career writing about wonderfully messed-up people and she keeps it coming.”
—Uptown Magazine
“Vividly wild yet cleverly constructed, confident and riveting. . . . As a storyteller Livingston rides the Tilt-a-Wheel, gets lost in the Tunnel of Love and she rides the gigantic roller-coaster.  Never a dull moment.”  
—BC Bookworld (Staff Pick)

“Livingston leavens heartache with air and light, injecting the story of a daughter free-falling since her mother’s death with charm to burn. And her own little daughter, Dusty, is a particularly delicious creation.”
—Zsuzsi Gartner (on “Georgia, It’s Me”)
“Livingston’s writing is evocative and richly layered. Hers is a poetic voice, and each of her characters is deeply drawn with a minimum of words. Rather, actions characterize each, and those actions spring from what we feel is the essence of good writing: psychological and emotional truth.”
—Other Voices (on “Did You Grow Up With Money?”)

Praise for Billie Livingston:

"Livingston's characters are scrappers. They're canny and sharp and share a dark streak of humour that comes from the love of family and the communal understanding of knowing who is the enemy."
New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal

"Livingston has made her rep as one of the most dangerous writers you will ever be lucky enough to encounter."
Vancouver Review

"Livingston writes beautifully, even soulfully."
January Magazine

"[Billie]'s a damn solid writer who will make your head spin and your knees buckle. . . . She has a way of capturing the push and pull of family dynamics, and demonstrating the way some fleeting events can linger with us like bleeding tattoos."
Broken Pencil