Adventures In Chicken: 150 Amazing Recipes from the Creator of (Hardcover)

Adventures In Chicken: 150 Amazing Recipes from the Creator of By Eva Kosmas Flores Cover Image

Adventures In Chicken: 150 Amazing Recipes from the Creator of (Hardcover)


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Innovative chicken recipes paired with exquisite photos in the style of the author’s stunning blog, Adventures in Cooking.

Chicken is the most popular meat in the world and can be easily adapted to almost any cuisine, from rustic Italian dishes to Asian-inspired curries. Add to that its affordability, and you begin to understand why the average American consumes sixty pounds of chicken a year. Still, it can be challenging to think of new ways to cook the same old wings or chicken thighs. Then along comes Eva Kosmas Flores, creator of the acclaimed blog Adventures in Cooking. Her photography style is unparalleled; even more impressive are her 150 recipes. This is a book for avid home cooks who want to push their cooking to the next level with the best versions of classics like Chicken Marsala with Balsamic Caramelized Onions and Pork Belly or innovative temptations such as Korean Barbecue Drumsticks with Ginger-Pear Sauce. There are sections on chicken cooking techniques, how to make perfect stock, and more, making this the only book chicken lovers will ever need.
EVA KOSMAS began her blog, Adventures in Cooking, in 2009. She has received formal baking training from King Arthur Flour and has contributed to several print and online publications, such as Chickpea magazine, One Kings Lane, Design Love Fest, and The Green Gallery.
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Publisher: Harvest
Publication Date: October 4th, 2016
Pages: 288
Language: English

“Chicken is the ubiquitous meat on tables around the world. It absorbs and mediates seasoning unlike any other animal protein. Eva’s recipes are as rich with flavor as her photographic style is rich in depth and saturated color. Combine the two and you have an enticing and informative entry to the poultry section of your cookbook collection. I know I’m adding it to mine.” —Evan Kleiman, chef, cookbook author, and host of Good Food on KCRW     “Inspiring yet accessible recipes coupled with gorgeous photography make Eva’s book a joy to use. She covers the basics whilst guiding you through different cuisines and updating classic recipes—this is a book you won’t want to stop cooking from!” —Izy Hossack, author of Top with Cinnamon     “With chicken as her canvas, Eva has created over a hundred works of art that have inspired me to do exactly as the Chick-fil-A billboard advises (“EAT MOR CHIKIN!”). Eva’s stunning photography and delicious recipes will encourage you to see this familiar ingredient in fresh new ways and bring more creativity into the kitchen. This is a book that will cause you to shout, ‘Winner winner, chicken dinner!’” —Molly Yeh, creator of My Name is Yeh     “Who knew chicken could look so sexy? Eva’s recipes and photography are incredibly rich, vibrant, and dynamic. She knows how to combine flavors and textures in truly unique ways to make even the humble chicken seem new and exotic. I think this cookbook is perfect for both beginners and more experienced cooks.” —Jennifer Farley, creator of Savory Simple   "Flores, overseer of the Adventures in Cooking blog, makes a convincing case that chicken is the great equalizer—not just between cooks of different skill sets, but between cultures and nations as well." Publishers Weekly   "Chicken cookbooks are plentiful, but this one merits a closer look. Food blogger Flores, who contributes to Chickpea magazine and other publications, competently covers essential basics such as breaking down the bird, trussing, and basting, and then groups 150 recipes into varied course and method-based chapters (e.g., appetizers, grilled & roasted, soups & braises). Her inventive recipes—including bacon and maple roast chicken, pan-fried chicken liver sandwiches, and pappardelle chicken in creamy lemon sauce—call for a wide range of chicken cuts and parts (including "odd bits," or necks and gizzards) and incorporate global flavors. They're suitable for adventurous novices, who will appreciate Flores's thoughtful, modest use of convenience ingredients including canned beans and dried spices. VERDICT This title will satisfy the cravings of chicken lovers who enjoyed Diana Henry's excellent A Bird in the Hand." Library Journal