Side Quest: A Visual History of Roleplaying Games (Hardcover)

Side Quest: A Visual History of Roleplaying Games By Samuel Sattin, Steenz (Illustrator) Cover Image

Side Quest: A Visual History of Roleplaying Games (Hardcover)

By Samuel Sattin, Steenz (Illustrator)


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For fans of dungeon crawls and dice rolls—and anyone wanting to know more about them—Side Quest is a stand-alone graphic novel history of roleplaying games (RPGs), from ancient games to those played today, with personal stories from creators throughout!

With a meld of history, fantasy, and memoir, Side Quest: A Visual History of Roleplaying Games gives existing fans of tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs) insight into the history of the medium—and provides a gateway for anyone new to the phenomenon.

The creators, Steenz and Samuel Sattin, narrate the book, switching between personal stories about their RPG experiences and concrete information that reveals the fascinating and often little-known history of these games. (Did you know that H. G. Wells created an RPG in the early 1900s? You will soon, along with so much more!)

This is an inviting introduction to what TTRPGs are, why they matter, and how readers can get involved. And like any popular guide to arcana, this book is geared toward an audience of gamers, non-gamers, and general readers alike. Equal parts enlightening, adventurous, and approachable, this appealing graphic nonfiction book is one that everyone can enjoy!


Samuel Sattin adapted Academy Award–nominated films WolfWalkers and Song of the Sea to the graphic novel format. He lives in San Francisco, California.

Steenz is the St. Louis, Missouri-based cartoonist on Ringo Award–nominated syndicated comic Heart Of The City and co-creator of Dwayne McDuffie Award winner Archival Quality.

Side Quest is really a main quest on an adventure that thoroughly explains the history of tabletop games. Great for beginners and pros alike.” — Brian “Box” Brown, creator of Tetris: The Games People Play and The He-Man Effect

"Anyone who enjoys board games, tabletop RPGs, or just fascinating history absolutely shouldn't miss Side Quest! Steenz and Sam Sattin are the perfect guides through a fun, funny, and compelling history of games and gaming." — Ivy Noelle Weir, author of Anne of West Philly and The Secret Garden on 81st Street

“A foundational precursor graphic novel to gain knowledge on tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs), accessible for anyone to learn! Incredibly immersive, fun, and community focused. A must-have book for anyone looking to learn about or dip their toe in the TTRPG world!” — Liana Kangas, artist for Star Wars Adventures and Welcome to Riverdale