The Coming China Wars: Where They Will Be Fought and How They Can Be Won (Hardcover)

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China's breakneck industrialization is placing it on a collision course with the entire world. Tomorrow's China Wars will be fought over everything from decent jobs, livable wages, and leading-edge technologies to strategic resources such as oil, copper, and steel...even food, water, and air. In The Coming China Wars, best-selling author Peter Navarro previews all these potential conflicts--and reveals the urgent, radical decisions that must be made to avoid catastrophe. You'll learn how China's thirst for oil is driving nuclear proliferation in Iran, genocide in the Sudan, even Japan's remilitarization. You'll discover China's shocking role in the drug trade and how its reborn flesh trade may help trigger tomorrow's worst AIDS crisis. Navarro also reveals how China has become the world's most ruthless it is promoting global environmental disaster... and, perhaps most terrifying of all, how this nuclear superpower and pirate nation may be spiraling toward internal chaos. The threat is real. We all must come to understand it and then act Start here and now by arming yourself with the information and insights of The Coming China Wars. The "China Price": Conquering the world's export marketsThe real story behind China's "weapons of mass production" China versus U.S.: The "blood for oil" flashpointsThe coming U.S./China showdown over oil Pirate Nation: China's state-sanctioned thieveryHow China's counterfeit drugs and products can literally kill you Triggering tomorrow's worst AIDS crisisChina's 21st century flesh trade: The seeds of a global health disaster
"Peter Navarro has captured the breadth of areas where China and the United States have fundamental conflicts of business, economic and strategic interests. He puts this into a global context demonstrating where China's current development course can lead to conflict. His recommendations for nations to coalesce to respond to the challenges posed by China are practical. This book should be in the hands of every businessperson, economist and policy-maker."-Dr. Larry M. Wortzel, Chairman, US-China Economic and Security Review Commission "The Coming China Wars is a gripping, fact-filled account of the dark side of China's rise that will be of interest to anyone interested in this complex and fascinating country. Navarro makes no pretense toward searching for the middle ground in the China debate. He issues a call to arms for China and the rest of the world to act now to address the country's mounting problems-pollution, public health, intellectual property piracy, resource scarcity and more-or risk both serious instability within China and military conflict between China and other major powers." -Elizabeth C. Economy, C.V. Starr Senior Fellow and Director of Asia Studies, Council on Foreign Relations "What Al Gore does for climate change, Peter Navarro does for China. This book will hit you right between the eyes. A gargantuan wake-up call." -Stuart L. Hart, S.C. Johnson Chair of Sustainable Global Enterprise, Cornell University, Author of "Capitalism at the Crossroads" "The Coming China Wars has a wealth of fascinating information about the impact of China on the world and the perils it creates. Because of China's great importance, this is a book we should all read." -D. Quinn Mills, Alfred J. Weatherhead Jr. Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School "This is a well researched and illuminating book and is a necessary counter to a large body of opinion that posits an inevitable and even peaceful rise of China and chooses to ignore most of the author's message."-Richard Fisher, Vice President, International Assessment and Strategy Center

About the Author

Peter Navarro is a business professor at the University of California-Irvine. He is the author of the path-breaking management book, "The Well-Timed Strategy, "and the bestselling investment book "If It's Raining in Brazil, Buy Starbucks." His unique and internationally recognized expertise lies in his "big picture" application of a highly sophisticated but easily accessible macroeconomic analysis of the business environment and financial markets for investors and corporate executives. Navarro's articles have appeared in a wide range of publications, from "Business Week," the "Los Angeles Times," "New York Times," and "Wall Street Journal "to the "Harvard Business Review," the "Sloan Management Review," and the "Journal of Business." Professor Navarro is a widely sought after and gifted public speaker. He has appeared frequently on Bloomberg TV and radio, CNN, CNBC, and NPR, as well as on all three major network news shows. His free weekly investment newsletter is published at www.
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ISBN: 9780132281287
Publisher: FT Press
Publication Date: October 1st, 2006
Pages: 263

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