"Hey, It's Black Wally and White Wally!" by Wally Adams and Wally Snyder


Our purpose in writing is to recount the learning and adventures that we have had over the past six years in our mentoring relationship. Our stories are written from each of our perspectives and feelings. It is our hope that we will have demonstrated that folks can come together across racial, generational and cultural lines to work together and learn from one another. This is not always easy as we have learned. But, with a consistent and human effort, we have moved forward and achieved much personal fulfillment.

Black Wally and White Wally. Mentee and Mentor. We have learned much from one another. Wally’s growth during the six years we’ve been together means much to me personally. Wally, the old white guy, and Wally, the young African American male, have come together to advise, listen, support and honor one another. It is a special relationship. I will always be moved when I remember hearing the shout: “Hey, It’s Black Wally and White Wally!”

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