HallowReads: Laurie Greer

All through October, we’ll be sharing spooky reading recommendations from authors and staff. Whether it’s a horrifying contemporary work or a tell-tale classic, these selections are sure to haunt you for years to come. We spoke with Laurie Greer, our Remainder Room Manager, about her favorite HallowReads.

Giving Up the Ghost, by Hilary Mantel. Her memoir, recounting a very strange childhood, which included seeing visions, possibly due to epilepsy or possibly a result of her mother’s fierce brand of Catholicism. Either way—most unsettling. Also Mantel’s Beyond Black, a novel about a woman who sees spirits and makes a living out of it, but she’s truly haunted by some demonic specters from her past. These two books together give insight into Mantel and also show how real life can be transformed into fiction. 

—Laurie Greer