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Prior to the Book-a-Month program, I would never have described myself as a "reader" and I would actually tell people that I did not enjoy reading (and could not understand why others enjoyed reading books so much). Now, 24 months later, some might describe me as a voracious reader and I am the go-to person for friends and family when they want a new book. I cannot speak highly enough of this amazingly unique and creative program.

I have referred many people to the Book-a-Month program and every single person who has signed up has been amazed at the thoughtfulness that goes into selecting a book. The 15th of every month is one of my favorite days of the month -- I eagerly go to the mailbox to see what book I have been sent. Without a doubt, the Book-a-Month program is the best gift I have ever received -- and monthly, I am reminded of how happy I am to have received it.

Mark, Washington, DC


I just love the Book-a-Month program.  It makes me read more, challenges me to consider other genres, and exposes me to new writers and topics. It has helped me pick books for book club and buy gifts for friends. I admit that I used to take suggestions from Amazon on what to read next, but it was one book of drivel after another. I was pretty miserable. Book-a-Month has saved me and my intellect.  It’s like I just found WETA after being stuck with FOX Network sitcoms for so long.  The program is by far the best thing I’ve come across in quite a while.

Anne, Washington, DC


I want to thank you immsensely. When my wife got her book last week, her first words to me were: "Oh my gosh, how did you know that I'd just put this on the top of my reading list? Did I tell you? How did you tell Politics and Prose so quickly?" That is some amazing talent you've got there.

Michael, Silver Spring, MD


I have been very happy with the Book-a-Month selections. My partner signed me up from abroad, and whenever I receive a book, it's a pleasant surprise and I think of her. They were pitch-perfect choices.

Jonathan, Philadelphia, PA


The best part of the program is that I usually receive a book that I might not have chosen on my own. The staff at Politics and Prose does a wonderful job of choosing books that match your interests. So far, I have recommended every month's book to my family and friends, and I think they get as much enjoyment out of the Book-a-Month program as I do. It was by far my favorite birthday gift, and I really hope I get it again next year.

Michaela, Pawtucket, RI


The Book-a-Month has been among the best presents I have ever been given, truly. My husband struggled with buying me books, knowing I love to read. But he rarely picked ones I liked (ouch...!) Once he teamed up with the P&P Book-a-Month program, all of this changed. Their picks tie in to my interests and reading history, and they also surprise me with choices I never would have made for myself -- but have ended up loving. P&P's choices delight me and I really look forward to what each month will bring.
Katie, Washington, DC

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