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Book-a-Month Club

Tell us what you're passionate about and love to read. Our expert booksellers will handpick your next favorite book and mail it to you. And now you have an option to add music & movies!

We select each book, DVD, or CD specifically for your recipients based on information you provide about their interests and hobbies, their favorite books, writers, literary genres, films, and music, and ship them anywhere in North America or to a government address overseas. We are also happy to correspond with the gift recipient to discuss book selections and areas of literary interest.

The Music-and-Movie Club gift program can be chosen separately or in combination with the Book-a-Month Gift Program. DVDs and CDs will be specially selected from our expertly curated in-store inventory.

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The Fine Print:

  • The only costs of the program are the one-cent enrollment fee and the cost of the books, DVDs or CDs, plus shipping.
  • Packages sent outside D.C. are not taxed.
  • Returns and exchanges are subject to the same guidelines as other online and in store purchases.
  • Every-other-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year subscription options.

After completing the enrollment form, you will activate the program for 1¢ on the payment page. 

Do NOT select PayPal.

Please enter a credit card under Payment Method when checking out. We will charge for the cost of each book plus shipping using this card throughout the time of the enrollment.


Questions? Comments? Email bookamonth@politics-prose.com or phone the store at (202) 364-1919, ext. 2.

We send books to readers of all ages! Visit our Children's Book-a-Month page to give this gift to a child. 

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