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The duo of Maria Quiles and Rory Cloud will perform in our downstairs café, The Den, on Monday, March 13, at 8 p.m., in the Den. The duo is touring behind their brand new CD, Shake Me Now (Compass Records), which will be for sale that evening.

More information soon.



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Noam Pikelny, Universal Favorite (Rounder Records, $15.98) – After his wonderful full-band “double tribute” album of 2013, Plays Kenny Baker Plays Bill Monroe, Noam Pikelny (founding member of the Punch Brothers). Universal Favorite is a true solo album, featuring banjo instrumentals, and Pikelny revealing a light  baritone on a cover of Josh Ritter’s “Folk Bloodbath.”

Béla Fleck, The Juno Concerto (Rounder Records, $15.98) – Béla Fleck is the banjo virtuoso who inspired waves of followers—by collaborating with musicians of all genres, from his work with Chick Corea, the Flecktones, to sessions with musicians from Africa. Over the last few years, Béla has entered the concert halls, writing works for orchestra and string quartet. The CD includes The Juno Concerto, with Béla and the Colorado Symphony, as well as two works with the string quartet, Brooklyn Rider.

Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita, Transparent Water (Ota Records, $12.98) – Cuban pianist Omar Sosa and Senagales kora player Seckou Keita created songs with other global collaborators playing such instruments as the koto and geomungo (from Japan and Korea respectively), sheng, bawu (from China) and a variety of African and Middle Eastern percussion.



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Sonya Yoncheva, Handel (Sony Classical, $13.98) – Ms. Yoncheva is now starring on the Metropolitan Opera stage as Violetta in La Traviata. But she has as broad repertoire, and is also an alumna of William Christie’s Baroque workshop, Le jardin des Voix. On Handel, she is accompanied by the Academia Montis Regalis, directed by Alessandro De Marchi.

The Orlando Consort, Beneath the Northern Star: The Rise of English Polyphony (Hyperion, $18.98) – The British vocal quartet, Orlando Consort, formed in 1988. In the last few years, they have concentrated on their Machaut Edition project (having released three volumes so far). But Beneath the Northern Star is a history lesson on the “rise of English polyphony” from 1270 to 1430.