Event Video Recordings

December 2, 2015
Miller's second novel looks at war and its effects
December 1, 2015
finding peace in everyday activities
November 24, 2015
Will Robie's newest adventure
November 21, 2015
one of the 5 Best Writers Under 35 debuts her first novel
November 20, 2015
a hilarious collection of short stories from the Oscar-nominated actor
November 18, 2015
talking about he Paris attacks and the city in general
November 16, 2015
the life and career of George H.W. Bush
November 15, 2015
a memoir of growing up black in upper-class Chicago in the 60s
November 14, 2015
a history of booze in the United States
November 13, 2015
the Chilean-American novelist's tale of love and betrayal
November 11, 2015
the Academy Award-nominated actor's third novel
November 9, 2015
the Turkish novelist tells the tale of an Istanbul street vendor


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