Joseph Fruscione's Moby-Dick class is canceled for today. The length of the meeting on March 12 will be extended.
Nicole Miller's Lurking in the Shadows class is canceled for today. Meetings will be pushed back one week with March 26 added.

The coffeehouse is closed.

Event Video Recordings

Wednesday, February 25
Tess Monaghan returns in Lippman's new mystery
Monday, February 23
a study of the beneficial aspects of shame
Saturday, February 21
Monopoly's scandalous origin story
Wednesday, February 18
the Condor returns in a 21st-century thriller
Tuesday, February 17
a glimpse at one of America's dark secrets
Monday, February 16
a war novel told from the Afghani perspective
Friday, February 13
the rise and fall of two fashion icons
Thursday, February 12
assessing the legacy of one of history's most controversial presidencies
Tuesday, January 27
memoirs of a failed marriage


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