LEARN, TALK, ACT: Teach-Ins at Politics & Prose Bookstore

Videos from Past Teach-Ins

Teach-in on Climate Change
with Jamie Henn, Dave Levitan,
Todd Stern, and Kristen Gunther

Teach-in on Immigration
with Scott Michelman, Nithya Nathan-Pineau
and Faiza Patel

Teach-in on Women's Rights
with Fatima Goss Graves, Jennifer Klein
and Rebecca Traister

Teach-in on Civil Liberties
with David Cole, Todd A. Cox, and Michael Waldman

The inauguration of Donald Trump is expected to lead to profound changes in a wide range of areas. To help prepare for what lies ahead, Politics & Prose has launched a series of teach-ins. For these new P&P events, which will continue through the winter, panels of experts will lead discussions of relevant and urgent issues, including women’s rights, immigration, climate change and more. The aim is not just to inform and educate but also to offer constructive and effective paths forward.

Much as teach-ins became a vital tool for public advocacy and social justice efforts during the 1960s, we believe they can serve the same purpose today. The bookstore is organizing them in the spirit that has guided P&P over the past three decades—as a place committed to strengthening our community by providing an open forum for rigorous, respectful dialogue on the challenges that America faces. In addition to the teach-ins, we also will continue our series, Race in America, launched last January.

If you are unable to attend in person, you can still watch the event on Facebook Live, and join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #TeachIn. We hope to see you at these discussions about the future of our country, as we explore what we can do together to safeguard our democratic values and institutions in these politically divisive and uncertain times.