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Copies of Book Talks given at Politics & Prose on Downloadable MP3

We are pleased to announce the availability of recorded author events in downloadable MP3 format! 

Politics & Prose records most of our in-store author events. Due to current staffing demands, at this time, we find that we are not able to make audio CDs. This program will be revisited in the near future. We encourage you to visit our MP3 recordings page, for past events, but we are temporarily limited in our capacity to upload more recent events. We will revive this program soon.

If you want an MP3, there is no charge. P&P stores all recordings made since May 1, 2011 on a public archive. Click here to listen to, or download, an MP3. Enjoy the free recordings!

If you want to browse authors, please look back at the last six months of our events calendar online. With a few exceptions, all of those events are available for purchase.