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Enroll a lucky child or teen in our Book-a-Month Gift Program. Each month, our staff will hand-pick a hardcover book and send it anywhere in the country to the person of your choice. Let those who live elsewhere also experience Politics & Prose!

We carefully select each book based on the information you provide, including your reader’s interests, hobbies, preferred type of reading, and favorite writers. We are happy to call or e-mail the gift recipient to discuss book selections and areas of literary interest

The Fine Print:

  • An introductory letter will be sent with the first book
  • The cost of the program is the cost of the book plus shipping.
  • Books sent outside D.C. are not taxed.
  • Returns and exchanges are subject to the same guidelines as other online and in store purchases.

Questions? Comments? Email

After completing the form, you must purchase the program for 1¢ on the next page. Please enter a credit card under Payment Method when checking out online. (Do NOT select PayPal). We will charge you for the cost of each book using this card throughout the time of the enrollment


Examples: Fiction, memoirs, mysteries, history, cookbooks, etc.