Have you noticed that the Politics & Prose website is suddenly looking a bit different? We hope so.

We’re thrilled to announce a redesign of the www.politics-prose.com site. Thanks to the extraordinary inventiveness of our own staff, the previously dated appearance and cumbersome navigation have been replaced by a fresher, cleaner look and easier-to-use features. Products and services are now better highlighted, and finding everything we offer—books, gift items, events, classes, trips, and more—will be more convenient. The site also reflects P&P’s literary expertise, with additional space dedicated to showcasing staff picks and curated book displays. And in the spirit of community, there’s a community events calendar accessible from the events page, showing activities not sponsored by P&P but supported by the store in some capacity.

For regular users of our website, rest assured that your login information and the checkout process will remain unchanged. Account holders still will be able to see their purchase histories, and all previous URLs will continue to work. Further, all sections, such as events and classes, will have the same options as before.

But we think you’ll find the new look more welcoming, more pleasing to the eye, and more accessible. Larger book covers and lists of books from our frequently changing store displays have been designed to improve the browsing experience. Gone are the old drop down menus; in their places are large colorful panes for navigating the site. An enlarged product search bar is now much easier to find, and certain featured promotions will receive more prominent placement on the homepage.

Two new pages have been added. One called “Shop” is intended to facilitate, yes, shopping. The other, called “Services,” provides information about off-site events, corporate events, consignments, and book fairs. Also featured are enhanced links to tie together related events, product pages, videos, and staff picks.

These changes are just part of a larger P&P effort to take greater advantage of digital tools and better engage with customers who use computers and phones to connect with us. In other moves over the past few years, we’ve streamlined our weekly emails, expanded our social media messaging, and expedited our handling of e-commerce orders. The goal in all of this has been to improve service and better inform everyone about the store—not just what it offers but its vision, values and special culture.

We hope you enjoy the website improvements, and we’re eager to hear your thoughts. So please message us at books@politics-prose.com.

— Brad and Lissa