Only The Beginning by Jason Strecker


Only The Beginning is a work of fiction set in the 1980s about a girl’s life during high school. The main character Catherina is important to her school not only as valedictorian but also as a companion to several students and teachers facing difficult times in their lives.

Catherina kept a journal of her experiences during high school and nearing the end of school got the idea to put her stories into a book form. It is filled with compelling and inspiring stories of how she interjects herself into the troubled lives of others in an effort to help them and better their lives. Throughout the journal Catherina faces trouble as well with bullying, lack of relationship with family and the deaths of loved ones. She also struggles with the challenges of friendships and challenges of being a high school student along with having to think about life after high school.

How will Catherina help her friends in overcoming their problems? And how will she respond to her own difficulties? Open the book of journal writings by Catherina and see everything unfold from her firsthand account.

Jason Strecker has many interests and hobbies with a few including working in a family business selling sports memorabilia and non-sport collectibles, traveling and attending sporting and other special events with friends and family. He has also spent time volunteering with local community organizations in Maryland with emphasis on helping elderly and homeless. As a lifelong wrestling fan it has been a dream come true to get to know Jimmy Valiant and Nikolai Volkoff and he frequently looks forward to helping them at their merchandise tables at shows.