A Spy Like No Other: The Cuban Missile Crisis, the KGB and the Kennedy Assassination (Hardcover)

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My name is Robert Homes, a spiritual psychological healer based in Yorkshire, England. I offer one to one sessions, workshops, and seminars worldwide May I first congratulate you for seeking THE RAFT. The raft covers my transition from sceptic to believer with a faith and understanding of the spiritual side of life and how it has an impact on us all. Life awareness is the name I gave the fruits of my journey the lessons the intuitions the spiritual guidance and the eureka moments. I lay my life bare to validate the origins of the information of which I write, and I offer you the reader the opportunity to become your own teacher, your own healer, and your own judge. Dare you look in the mirror? www.therainbowspirit.com
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ISBN: 9781849544153
ISBN-10: 1849544158
Publisher: Biteback Publishing
Publication Date: October 15th, 2013
Pages: 325
Language: English