George Washington's Surprise Attack: A New Look at the Battle That Decided the Fate of America (Hardcover)

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Extensively researched and superbly argued in Tucker's compelling narrative, this in-depth examination of George Washington's military miracle at the Battle of Trenton unquestionably confirms the vital importance of that stunning victory. Jerry D. Morelock, PhD, editor in chief at "Armchair General"
Like many historical events, the American Revolution is sometimes overlooked, ignored, or minimized by historians because of common shrouding in romantic myth or interference from stubborn stereotypes. Here historian Phillip Thomas Tucker provides an in-depth look at the events of the Battle of Trenton, weeding out fiction and legend and presenting new insights and analysis. Stories from many forgotten individuals of the war, including officers and soldiers from both sides, bring to life the Continental Army's desperate circumstances and shocking victory. Myths that Tucker debunks include the Hessians slovenly drunkenness, Washington acting alone in creating the attack strategy, and Rall's incompetence as a leader largely contributing to his troops defeat.
By exploring the forgotten aspects of one of America's most famous battles, revealing Trenton's story proves to be even more fascinating. In the end, America's founding was nothing short of miraculous, and no chapter of America's story was more miraculous than Washington's improbable success at the battle of Trenton, where America's fate was decided to almost everyone's amazement on a dark, snowy morning.

About the Author

Phillip Thomas Tucker has a doctorate in American history from St. Louis University and is the author or editor of more than twenty books devoted to various aspects of African American, Civil War, women s, and Irish history. For nearly twenty years, Dr. Tucker has worked in Washington, D.C., as a U.S. Air Force historian. He lives in Maryland.
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