Insurgent Iraq: Al-Zarqawi and the New Generation (Paperback)

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An unparalleled look into the Iraqi insurgency and the multitude of forces that continue to shape it, Insurgent Iraq: Al-Zarqawi and the New Generation presents a chilling account of the regrouping of terror networks, and the development of an Iraqi resistance since the invasion by coalition forces over two years ago. One of the world’s leading specialists on terrorism, economist Loretta Napoleoni is uniquely qualified to make sense of the ways in which terror networks do and do not operate in Iraq, and what role they play in the Iraqi resistance.
Is the insurgency in Iraq a counter-Crusade, a national liberation movement, or a civil war? With a complex understanding of all the intricacies inherent in such a question, Napoleoni provides a mindful discussion, offering a much-needed understanding of how the US occupation of Iraq has catalyzed the cultural, religious, and political divides within the country to create a wholly changed, more volatile landscape. Composed of independent Iraqi Jihadist groups, Islamo-Nationalist and Ba’ath party resistance, ethnic infighting between Sunni, Shi’ite and Kurd, and foreign suicide bombers, the resistance is a divided yet maintains one demand: the end of US occupation.
Overall, Napoleoni offers a breakdown of the current political landscape in Iraq, and a renovated al-Qaeda. Insurgent Iraq is a necessary read for anyone concerned with the future of Iraq, or seeking greater insight into the U.S.’s critical role in the Middle East.

About the Author

Loretta Napoleoni est une journaliste italienne qui a travaille pour "La Stampa", "La Repubblica" et "El Pais". En tant que presidente du groupe de financement de la lutte contre le terrorisme pour le Club de Madrid, elle se rend regulierement en Syrie, au Pakistan, en Turquie, en Iran et en Irak. Elle est l auteur de plusieurs essais sur le terrorisme.
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