The Good War (Paperback)

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""The Good War"," for which Studs Terkel won the Pulitzer Prize, is a testament not only to the experience of war but to the extraordinary skill of Terkel as interviewer. As always, his subjects are open and unrelenting in their analyses of themselves and their experiences, producing what "People" magazine has called "a splendid epic history of World War II." With this volume Terkel expanded his scope to the global and the historical, and the result is a masterpiece of oral history.

About the Author

STUDS TERKEL (1912-2008) was a free spirit, an outspoken populist, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, a terrible ham, and one of the best-loved characters on the American scene. Born in New York in 1912, he lived in Chicago for over eight decades.
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ISBN: 9781565843431
ISBN-10: 1565843436
Publisher: New Press
Publication Date: November 2004
Pages: 608
Language: English