Between Barack and a Hard Place: Racism and White Denial in the Age of Obama (Paperback)

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Race is, and always has been, an explosive issue in the United States. In this timely new book, Tim Wise explores how Barack Obama's emergence as a political force is taking the race debate to new levels. According to Wise, for many white people, Obama's rise signifies the end of racism as a pervasive social force; they point to Obama not only as a validation of the American ideology that anyone can make it if they work hard, but also as an example of how institutional barriers against people of color have all but vanished. But is this true? And does a reinforced white belief in color-blind meritocracy potentially make it harder to address ongoing institutional racism? After all, in housing, employment, the justice system, and education, the evidence is clear: white privilege and discrimination against people of color are still operative and actively thwarting opportunities, despite the success of individuals like Obama.

Is black success making it harder for whites to see the problem of racism, thereby further straining race relations, or will it challenge anti-black stereotypes to such an extent that racism will diminish and race relations improve? Will blacks in power continue to be seen as an exception in white eyes? Is Obama acceptable because he seems different from most blacks, who are still viewed too often as the dangerous and inferior other ?

Tim Wise is among the most prominent antiracist writers and activists in the US and has appeared on ABC's "20/20" and MSNBC Live. His previous books include "Speaking Treason Fluently" and "White Like Me.

About the Author

Wise was the 2008 Oliver L. Brown Distinguished Visiting Scholar for Diversity Issues at Washburn University. Wise tours constantly and delivers dozens of lectures each year. He is regularly sought for interviews and has been on 20/20, Paula Zahn, NOW with Bill Moyers, MSNBC, and Donahue. His previous books include Between Barack and a Hard Place and White Like Me.
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ISBN: 9780872865006
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Publisher: City Lights Books
Publication Date: February 2009
Pages: 159
Language: English
Series: Open Media