The Last 100 Days: The Tumultuous and Controversial Story of the Final Days of World War II in Europe (Paperback)

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A dramatic countdown of the final months of World War II in Europe, "The Last 100 Days" brings to life the waning power and the ultimate submission of the Third Reich. To reconstruct the tumultuous hundred days between Yalta and the fall of Berlin, John Toland traveled more than 100,000 miles in twenty-one countries and interviewed more than six hundred people--from Hitler's personal chauffeur to Generals von Manteuffel, Wenck, and Heinrici; from underground leaders to diplomats; from top Allied field commanders to brave young GIs. Toland adeptly weaves together these interviews using research from thousands of primary sources.
When it was first published, "The Last 100 Days" made history, revealing after-action reports, staff journals, and top-secret messages and personal documents previously unavailable to historians. Since that time, it has come to be regarded as one of the greatest historical narratives of the twentieth century.

About the Author

John Toland (1670-1722) was an Irish born scholar and philosopher of international renown. In his considerable volume of writings, he challenged political and ecclesiastical authority and was a prolific writer on important political and religious issues of his day: a radical republican who challeged the divine right of kings; a diplomat whose Account of the Courts of Hanover and Berlin is still quoted by historians of the period; the first person to be called a freethinker (by Bishop Berkeley); the first to advocate full citizenship and equal rights for Jewish people. John Toland was born in Donegal, Ireland to a Gaelic-speaking Catholic family on November 30th 1670. At the age of sixteen he joined the Church of Ireland, which enabled him to receive an education at the Protestant school of Redcastle. He attended the University of Glasgow, where he gained a scholarship to study theology and later graduated with a Master of Arts from Edinburgh University in July 1689: the day before the Battle of the Boyne as he later recalled. He also attended the University of Leyden, before returning to England where he stayed in prominent Whig households in Oxford and London, earning his living as a propagandist for the Whig party. He is chiefly remembered today for what was in fact his first work, Christianity Not Mysterious (1696) - a book which was denounced in the English and Irish Parliaments and publicly burned in Dublin. J.N. Duggan who is the General Editor for this project, first came across the name of John Toland while researching her biography, 'Sophia of Hanover: from Winter Princess to Heiress of Great Britain 1630-1714', which was published by Peter Owen Publishers in 2010 (ISBN: 978 0 7206 1342 1). This prompted her to write her own short biography of Toland - 'John Toland: Ireland's Forgotten Philosopher, Scholar ... and Heretic' published the same year (ISBN: 978-1-907522-08-6).

Praise For…

“Fascinating . . . The narrative shifts from scene to intimate scene of every conference room . . . from liberated camp to Hitler’s underground bunker, to GIs storming the railroad bridge across the Rhine. . . . Toland has woven the tapestry of history.” —Chicago Tribune

“A hundred stories fill out these hundred days—portraits, battle plans, ironies, feats of espionage, mass brutalities, insanity, diplomats, generals, soldiers, snipers, the cool and the fanatic. Hitler’s horoscope, what General Eisenhower was reading on the morning of surrender, Quisling’s final auto ride, orders,
counterorders, impatient statesmen, conflicting strategies, the stench of fire and death, telegrams to Moscow, plunging armies, straggling refugees. . . . In fascinating and exhaustively researched detail—it is all here!” —The New York Times

“Brilliant . . . The reader is in suspense throughout. . . . Each scene is played out close-up and point-blank, as if one were there, listening to the dialogue, counting the stakes, feeling the emotions of the principals.” —The New York Times Book Review

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