Deception: The Untold Story of East-West Espionage Today (Hardcover)

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From the capture of Sidney Reilly, the "Ace of Spies," by Lenin’s Bolsheviks in 1925 to the deportation from the United States of Anna Chapman, the "Redhead Under the Bed," in 2010, Kremlin and Western spymasters have battled for supremacy for nearly a century. Edward Lucas persuasively demonstrates that "for most of the past decades, the Kremlin’s spymasters have run rings around their Western adversaries."

In Deception, Lucas uncovers the real story of Chapman and her colleagues in Britain and America, unveiling their clandestine missions and the spy hunt that led to their downfall. Some of Russia’s spies have had academic and professional qualifications that enhanced their contacts at the top of American politics and finance. Lucas reveals unknown triumphs and disasters of Western intelligence in the cold war, providing the background to the new world of industrial and political espionage. To tell the story of post-Soviet espionage, Lucas draws on exclusive interviews with Russia’s top NATO spy, Herman Simm, and unveils the horrific treatment of a Moscow lawyer who dared to challenge the ruling criminal syndicate there.

Once the threat from Moscow was international communism, now it comes from the siloviki, Russia’s ruthless "men of power." "The outcome," Lucas argues, "will determine whether the West brings Russia toward its standards of liberty, legality, and cooperation, or whether Russia will shape the West’s future as we accommodate (or even adopt) the authoritarian crony capitalism that is the Moscow regime’s hallmark."

About the Author

Edward Lucas covered Eastern Europe for "The Economist "for over twenty years, witnessing the end of the last Cold War, the parting of the Iron Curtain, and, as the Moscow bureau chief, covered Boris Yeltsin's reign and Vladimir Putin's rise to power. He is the author of "The New Cold War"; "Cyberphobia: Identity, Trust, Security and the Internet"; and "Deception: Spies, Lies and How Russia Dupes the West". He lives in London, England.

Praise For…

“Mr. Romney's smug critics might laugh a bit less once they read Deception, Edward Lucas's riveting follow-up to his prescient2008 book on Russia…. Mr. Lucas's account of his jailhouse interview with [Herman] Simm is one of the highlights of Deception, as is his meticulous reconstruction of the way the SVR recruited, ran and ultimately abandoned the Estonian. One depressing conclusion from reading Deception is that Russians are much better than their Western counterparts at the spy business. Another is that, even now, the West doesn't much seem to care that its secrets are being pilfered by a regime that wishes us ill…. Anyone who imagines that Mr. Obama's ‘reset’ has done much to change that picture should read this sobering book.”—Bret Stephens, The Wall Street Journal  “Lucas's account is a masterful achievement, blending first-class reporting with the flare of John le Carré and Daniel Silva.”—C.C. Lovett, CHOICE

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