Rinkitink in Oz (Hardcover)

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Meet Rinkitink--a kindhearted king who's as fat and jolly as old Saint Nick himself! When the jovial monarch sails for a visit to the island kingdom of Pingaree, he and his talking goat, Bilbil, are welcomed with open arms. Before long, Rinkitink's lighthearted ways and merry songs endear him to the king and queen of Pingaree, as well as to their son, Prince Inga.

But when the peaceful isle is invaded by fierce warriors, everyone from the rulers to the smallest child is taken off in chains. Only Prince Inga, Rinkitink, and Bilbil escape the conquerors. And so the three friends set out--aided by the magical Pearls of Pingaree--to rescue the prince's people.

Their perilous quest takes them across the vast Nonestic Ocean to the terrible islands of Regos and Coregos to the dark underground domains of the Nome King. Victories are followed by setbacks, which are in turn followed by strokes of good fortune. Just when it seems our friends have met their match in the clever Nome King, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz arrive to lend a hand.

First published in 1916, this handsome new edition of a much-loved classic features all twelve of John R. Neill's original color plates as well as his nearly one hundred black-and-white drawings.

Thrilling tale of adventure from a master storyteller, Rinkitink in Oz is sure to enjoyed by Oz fans far and wide and by all who delight in tales of enchantment and adventure.

When the king and queen are kidnapped and their country enslaved, it's up to the handsome young prince and his friends to save the day. But to defeat such foes as the Chuggenmugger-a beast so ferocious it devours dragons-even the prince must receive help from Dorothy, the Wizard, and their Oz companions. With all twelve of the original full-color plates, this handsome new edition of a beloved classic is sure to be enjoyed by all.

About the Author

Lyman Frank Baum (1856-1919) was born in Chittenango, Ne

Lyman Frank Baum (1856-1919) was born in Chittenango, New York. After trying many different professions, he turned tw York. After trying many different professions, he turned to writing for children at the age of 40. "The Wizard of Oz "o writing for children at the age of 40. "The Wizard of Oz "is the first and most popular of his fourteen Oz novels. is the first and most popular of his fourteen Oz novels.

As a retired physician I'm devoting my time to writing novels, memoir-based fiction and short stories. My life as an author of fiction began in 2003 after a few years at Toastmasters International delivering captivating stories and speeches. I believe literature should be educational, fun, serious, full of feelings and always with a touch of fantasy and a thread of truth. Like all my novels true lifetime situations are interwoven with suspenseful and intriguing storylines. My 11 novels and short story book bear that philosophy out. Reviews of my books in Amazon.com have been 4.5-5-star. I wrote THE ADJUSTMENT CLINIC in retirement because I was too afraid to expose what was happening in major drug companies when I was working there. I live with my wife in San Antonio near my daughter and her family with four of my grandchildren. My goal as an author is to publish several novels a year. My latest effort is my heroin smuggling thriller, THE HAPPY HAT, published March 3, 2015.

John R. Neill was born in Philadelphia in 1877. In 1904, at the age of twenty-six, Neill received his first major book assignment, as illustrator for The Marvelous Land of Oz. From then until his death in 1943, Neill would illustrate over forty Oz books, including three he wrote himself. Today, his fabulous illustrations are synonymous with Oz.
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Publication Date: April 24th, 1998
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