Ronald Reagan: How an Ordinary Man Became an Extraordinary Leader (Paperback)

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In this enlightening new look at one of our most successful, most popular, and least understood presidents, bestselling author and former Reagan aide Dinesh D'Souza shows how this "ordinary" man was able to transform the political landscape in a way that made a permanent impact on America and the world. Ronald Reagan is a thoughtful and honest assessment of how this underestimated president became a truly extraordinary leader.

About the Author

Dinesh D Souza has had a twenty-five-year career as a writer, scholar, and public intellectual. A former policy analyst in the Reagan White House, D Souza also served as John M. Olin Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, and the Robert and Karen Rishwain Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. He has been named one of America s most influential conservative thinkers by the "New York Times Magazine", and "Newsweek" cited him as one of the country s most prominent Asian-Americans.

Praise For…

William Kristol
The Weekly Standard

D'Souza's fine new study provides a fresh opportunity to consider Reagan's achievements.

Robert L. Bartley
Editor, The Wall Street Journal

A spirited reminder that the Teflon president cured stagflation, won the cold war and conquered malaise. Too bad the chattering classes never noticed.

Rush Limbaugh

An unforgettable portrait of Reagan the man, and an exposé of his critics from which they will never recover.

David Gergen
Editor-at-Large, U.S. News & World Report

D'Souza provides timely and illuminating answers to the riddle that has stumped so many others: why this ordinary man rode so tall in the saddle as President.

P.J. O'Rourke
author of Parliament of Whores

The best story I have read in years, and the truest.

Tom Wolfe
author of The Bonfire of the Vanities

This marvelous book will drive the intellectual establishment -- the conservative cadre as well as the liberal legions -- straight up the wall. It convincingly demonstrates Ronald Reagan's moral, political, and -- yes! I'm afraid so! -- intellectual superiority to the entire lot of them.

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Publication Date: February 23rd, 1999
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