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On War (Hardcover)

By Carl Von Clausewitz, Peter Paret (Translator), Michael Howard (Introduction by)
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Carl von Clausewitz was not only an officer who served with great distinction during the Napoleonic campaigns but was also a military historian and intellectual of the highest order—at ease with both the strategic doctrines of his time and the larger movements of thought in the world around him.  Out of these elements he distilled his classic discussion of the nature and meaning of one of humankind's central endeavors, war—which he famously declared to be "the continuation of politics by different means."
Though unfinished at his death, On War contains all his important ideas about absolute versus limited war, the intrinsic violence of war, and its necessary subjugation to political ends.  It would be impossible to overestimate the influence of this book on subsequent strategic thinking, on the political considerations that underlie such thinking, and on the general understanding of human conflict.

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About the Author

Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831), est l'un des plus grands, l'un des plus remarquables philosophes et historiens de la guerre selon Lenine. Officier prussien autodidacte, engage dans l'armee a douze ans, il a combattu face aux troupes de la France revolutionnaire puis contre la Grande Armee de Napoleon lors de la campagne de Russie, avant de devenir directeur de l'Ecole militaire de Berlin. Nourrie de philosophie allemande et de l'experience du feu, sa pensee dialectique du conflit a inspire les grands strateges du XXe siecle.

Peter Paret is professor emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study. He has written widely on the history of war and society and on the relationship of art, society, and politics. He is the author of "Clausewitz and the State" (Princeton), now in its third revised edition. Most recently he gave the 2008 Lees Knowles Lectures at Cambridge University, on which this book is based, and was guest curator for the spring 2009 exhibition Myth and Modernity at the Princeton University Art Museum.

Sir Michael Howard has held the Chair of War Studies at King's College London, the Chichele Chair of History of War and the Regius Chair of Modern History at Oxford, and the Robert A. Lovett Chair of Military and Naval History at Yale. His works include The Franco-Prussian War, The Causes of Wars,
War and the Liberal Conscience, The Lessons of History, and War in European History. Together with Professor Peter Paret he edited and translated Clausewitz, On War.
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Publisher: Everyman's Library
Publication Date: May 25th, 1993
Pages: 920
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