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Eight Lives Down: The Most Dangerous Job in the World in the Most Dangerous Place in the World (Paperback)

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Visceral and compelling, Eight Lives Down is the most exciting and nerve-jangling work of military non-fiction since "Bravo Two Zero."
If fate is against me and I'm killed, so be it, but make it quick and painless. If I'm wounded, don't let me be crippled. But above all, don't let me fuck up the task.
So goes the bomb technician's prayer before every bomb he defuses. For Chris Hunter, it is a prayer he says many times during his four-month tour of Iraq. His is the most dangerous job in the world -- to make safe the British sector in Iraq against some of the most hardened and technically advanced terrorists in the world. It is a 24/7 job -- in the first two months alone, his team defuses over 45 bombs. And the people they're up against don't play by the Geneva Convention. For them, there are no rules, only results -- death by any means necessary.
The job of a Bomb Disposal officer is a lonely one. You are alone with the sound of your own breathing and the drumming of your heart in a protective suit in forty-plus degrees of heat. The drawbridge has been pulled up behind you as you advance on your goal. It's just you and the bomb.
But for Chris Hunter, just when life couldn't get any more dangerous, the stakes are raised again.

About the Author

Author Chris Hunter, editor and publisher of the Pacifica Tribune, examines the legendary Ocean Shore Railroad with compelling historic images that will bring its brief history back to the forefront for enthusiasts. Delving into sections such as Devilas Slide and the 1906 earthquake, this chronicle paints a vivid picture of the romance the line conveyed as well as the struggle it endured along the western edge of a growing nation.

Praise For…

"... packed with such powerful descriptions of coming under fire that at times you begin to imagine you have picked up the script for a Hollywood action movie."
London Lite

"Will do for Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush what McNab did for Saddam and George Senior"
Evening Standard

"You're left in awe and wondering if we're paying Our Boys enough for going through this kind of hell. And doubting it."
Books Sport

Product Details
ISBN: 9780553385281
ISBN-10: 0553385283
Publisher: Delta
Publication Date: May 19th, 2009
Pages: 399
Language: English