The Commitment: Love, Sex, Marriage, and My Family (Paperback)

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Dan Savage's mother wants him to get married. His boyfriend, Terry, says no thanks because he doesn t want to act like a straight person. Their six-year-old son DJ says his two dads aren t allowed to get married, but that he d like to come to the reception and eat cake. Throw into the mix Dan's straight siblings, whose varied choices form a microcosm of how Americans are approaching marriage these days, and you get a rollicking family memoir that will have everyone gay or straight, right or left, single or married howling with laughter and rethinking their notions of marriage and all it entails.

About the Author

DAN SAVAGE is an author, journalist, and activist widely known and appreciated for his mordant wit, political commentary, and commonsensical approach to all manner of sexual issues. He is the author of the internationally syndicated column "Savage Love" and the editorial director of "The Stranger", a weekly newspaper in Seattle. His writing has appeared in the "New York Times Magazine", the op-ed pages of the "New York Times, Travel & Leisure",, "Nest, Rolling Stone, The Onion", and many other publications. He lives in Seattle, Washington, with his husband Terry Miller.

Praise For…

“Hilarious, heartfelt.” —Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“As funny as David Sedaris’s essay collections, but bawdier and more thought-provoking.” —Publisher’s Weekly (starred review)

“Most of all, a book about creating and appreciating family.” —Seattle Times

“I think America would be a better place if everyone on every side of the gay marriage debate would read this book.” —Ira Glass, host of the public radio show This American Life

“The strongest argument here, which [Savage] brilliantly plays down, is that family means everything to these people: married, not married, blended, gay, straight, whatever.” —The Washington Post

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ISBN: 9780452287631
ISBN-10: 0452287634
Publisher: Plume Books
Publication Date: October 2006
Pages: 291
Language: English