The One to One Manager: Real-World Lessons in Customer Relationship Management (Paperback)

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In The One to One Manager, visionary authors Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D., go behind the scenes to report on the challenges and solutions discovered by managers leading 1 to 1 efforts at organizations such as Xerox, General Electric, Oracle, First Union, Hewlett-Packard, USAA, Levi Strauss, and British Airways. Filled with in-depth interviews with executives on the front lines of the 1 to 1 revolution, and based on more than two dozen case histories from companies around the world, The One to One Manager examines the actual day-to-day issues involved in setting and running 1 to 1 initiatives.
The One to One Manager introduces readers to the groundbreakers, the pathfinders, and the explorers of a vast and rapidly expanding new universe of customer-focused business strategies. Among the fascinating pioneers profiled in this book, you will meet:

-General Robert McDermott, the visionary leader who transformed USAA from an insurance firm mired in paperwork into an IT-savvy financial institution dedicated to meeting customer needs at warp speed

-Richard Vague, the CEO of First USA, champion of the "trusted agent" model for building lifelong customer relationships

-Nina Smith, a Xerox marketing executive blazing a trail through a forest of competing sales and distribution channels

-Royal Bank of Canada's Anne Lockie, who melds her knowledge of technology with a keen awareness of human nature to create 1 to 1 relationships with millions of customers

-Bruce Varner, a Texas fire chief who trains his fire fighters to treat local citizens as valued customers

These early adopters, scouts, and risk takers offer managers and executives invaluable lessons in their efforts to map a new business universe in which organizations and enterprises organize around customer needs. It is a universe in which companies compete at extreme velocity, racing to devise strategies that will lock in customer loyalty, raise profits, and avoid the trap of commoditization. A virtual roadmap to the business world of the future, The One to One Manager is the book executives and managers the world over have been waiting for.

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ISBN: 9780385502290
Publisher: Crown Business
Publication Date: January 15th, 2002
Pages: 288