Last Man Standing: The Tragedy and Triumph of Geronimo Pratt (Paperback)

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Jack Olsen's Last Man Standing is the gripping story of Geronimo Pratt, war hero and community leader, who was framed by the FBI in one of the greatest travesties of justice in American history.

Geronimo Pratt did not commit the murder for which he served twenty-seven nightmarish years. As a UCLA student, though, he had led the Los Angeles Chapter of the Black Panther Party, and became a target of the FBI. Here is the spellbinding saga of Pratt, his heroic lawyers, Johnnie Cochran and Stuart Hanlon, and the Reverend James McCloskey, who overcame all the odds to bring the truth to light and free Geronimo.

About the Author

Jack Olsen is the bestselling author of twenty-seven books published in fourteen countries and ten languages, including New York Times bestsellers Son and Doc. A longtime journalist and former Time bureau chief, Olsen has written for People, Paris Match, Readers Digest, Life, Sports Illustrated, New York Times Book Review and others. Olsen has appeared on national talk shows as a respected expert on the psychology of criminals. He lives in Washington State.

Praise For…

"Much more than [a] compelling story of justice tragically perverted and eventually triumphant."
--The Denver Post

"[A] book that makes me grateful to its author, a lasting testimonial, and a document born of the same enduring passion that infuses all of Olsen's work."
--David Guterson

"[A] page turner, more engrossing than any courtroom thriller because it is true."
--The Oregonian

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ISBN: 9780385493680
ISBN-10: 0385493681
Publisher: Anchor Books
Publication Date: November 6th, 2001
Pages: 512
Language: English