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Facing Globality: Politics of Resistance, Relocation, and Reinvention in India (Hardcover)

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This volume explores a range of issues that gauge India's response to globalization and the subsequent move to the state of globality, which is the result of the process of globalization. It looks at India as a specific location of globality and devises a framework for analysing this phenomenon, thus moving beyond the 'nationalist' mould in which the social sciences in India have traditionally operated. The essays examine the discourses of resistance, relocation, and reinvention apparent in the social sciences in order to map the changing nature of the Indian state and society. Though they individually draw different conclusions, the essays are bound together by a commonality of approach: they bear out the principal suggestion that resistance, relocation, and reinvention constitute a conceptual triad to find the coordinates of altered ideas, interrelationships, stances, and stratagems.

Product Details ISBN-10: 019807896X
ISBN-13: 9780198078968
Published: Oxford University Press, USA, 09/01/2012
Pages: 273
Language: English