Z Is for Zombie: An Illustrated Guide to the End of the World (Paperback)

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A is for Apocalypse,
B is for Buried,
C is for Cannibalistic . . .

A stunningly illustrated and hilarious A-to-Z guide that bears witness to the zombie horde as it slowly overruns us. Assemble a motley crew of any survivors you can. Barricade your doors and windows against the relentless shambling masses hungry for your flesh. Grab a hammer, chain saw, clothing iron, or whatever household weapon is at hand . . .

The war has begun!

About the Author

Frank Sibila is educated to degree level, and started his Fake Alibi service in 2005. Adam-Troy Castro is a well-known author of science fiction, fantasy, and horror whose short stories have received five nominations for the Nebula Award, two for the Hugo Award, and one for the Stoker. In 2007 he and collaborator Jerry Oltion shared the Seiun Award for best work translated into Japanese, for their acclaimed novella "The Astronaut From Wyoming," His prior books include "Emissaries from the Dead" (first in a series of novels about interstellar investigator Andrea Cort), the Sinister Six trilogy, and nonfiction volumes examining the Harry Potter phenomenon and the television show "The Amazing Race," A full-time writer when he isn't procrastinating, Adam lives in Miami with his wife Judi and a motley assortment of anarchist cats that includes Meow Farrow and Uma Furman. For further information, including essays, artwork, fiction excerpts, and regular updates on forthcoming work, please check out Adam's website at www.sff.net/people/adam-troy. Elizabeth Hutcheson is a freelance features writer and photographer living in Ireland.

Johnny Atomic is the cofounder of the wildly successful IP Development & Publishing house, League Entertainment. He is the cocreator of Z Is for Zombie and V Is for Vampire
Product Details
ISBN: 9780061991851
ISBN-10: 0061991856
Publisher: Voyager
Publication Date: February 2011
Pages: 64
Language: English