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Edmund de Waal brought history to life in The Hare With Amber Eyes, his fascinating family memoir that put the twentieth-century’s huge events on a more intimate scale. The de Waals were quite a family, and Edmund wasn’t the first of the clan to show a distinct literary talent. His grandmother, Elisabeth de Waal, wrote The Exiles Return in the 1950s; published only recently, the novel focuses on a Jewish scientist going back to Vienna after the war.  The Nazis are gone, but pockets of anti-Semitism remain, even as the city is revitalized by young Americans, their complicated marriage plots, and the quickening pace of the times. Available in hardcover, $7.98.

When it comes to romance, can a guy learn from his experiences? Nate Piven, an up-and-coming Brooklyn writer, has let down woman after woman; in The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P., the acclaimed first novel by Adelle Waldman, Nate, like a bad-relationship addict, makes his confessions and tries, perhaps, to do better. Through her protagonist’s experiences with successful women and then with the woman seemingly exactly right for him, Waldman deftly examines not just the male psyche but the larger state of heterosexual relations today. Available in hardcover, $7.98.

Have you ever wondered what writers read? What if you could get fiction recommendations from your favorite novelist? The editors of The Paris Review thought about this, and in “Object Lessons”: The Art of the Short Story, Lorin Stein and Sadie Stein have put together a unique anthology. Here are twenty stories by writers including Borges, James Salter, Joy Williams, and Denis Johnson, along with heartfelt introductions by equally talented figures—Lydia Davis, Jeffrey Eugenides, Dave Eggers, Mona Simpson—who chose them as their favorites. Available in paperback, $6.98.

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- Laurie Greer