Monday, December 25, 2017 at 8:00 am

The Den coffeehouse & wine bar hosts a rotating series of art exhibits, showcasing work by artists from D.C. and across America. Visit during regular hours (Mon-Sat: 8 am– 10 pm, Sun 8 am – 8 pm) to see works on display.



We are proud to announce the opening of Thos. Spang Photography exhibit in the Den at P&P The exhibit runs through 22 October and will feature almost two dozen recent works. Thos. Spang Photography is dedicated to continuing the art and craft of fine-art and lifestyle photography.

Thomas Span Photography

I believe there is beauty in sideways glances, in angles and views that too often get overlooked.  My favorite photographs are the ones that don't face a scene head-on but that approach from the side or top or rear.  These are the ones that force me as a viewer to pause and try to understand what I am seeing.  I am fascinated by secrets - and that includes scenes that reveal meaning and beauty only to those who make a conscious effort to interpret them.

I fell in love with photography as a child, when my parents first handed me their Kodak Instamatic with its irresistible flash cubes.  My good friends and excellent photographers Alec Hart and Dan Payne later introduced me to composition and technique (or at least tried their best) and I spent as much of my high school as possible in a darkroom, becoming irreparably addicted to the smell of developer and fixer.  Years later, my wife and guide Ingrid Carlson and I are bent on roaming the Earth in search of beautiful intrigue, from whatever angle necessary.


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