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Congratulations Kazuo Ishiguro for the much-deserved Nobel Prize in Literature award. If you haven't yet read his work, we recommend you start with literally any of his books.
Who you gonna call? In today's specially synchronized #booksellerfashion, Carolyn and Jon. We recommend Bananagrams as a super-fun game as well as an excellent banana phone.
Our newest hire is very enthusiastic, but his gift wrapping needs some work.
Huge, huge thank you to our AMAZING customers for voting us Best Bookstore!
We never take your support for granted, and we're proud to be part of such a strong book-loving community.
Keith, Michael, and Alexis... International Booksellers of Mystery
This is the face of a bookseller whose recommendation just got printed on the back of LAND OF LOVE AND RUINS by Oddny Eir. Congrats Jonathan!